Tuesday , July 23 2024
Real Nature of Research Activity in Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Photo

Real Nature of Research Activity

Real Nature of Research Activity in Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers (P.J.S)

Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Company (Private Joint Stock) has a specific organizational goals regarding the achievement of research macro goals. We are committed to do what is our duty.

Unfortunately, in the era we live in we see that a concept for a while is considered as a principle and a whole range of different people are highlighted regarding this concept with their different intellectual criteria. Some of these people are really caring and qualified in that area, and some unfortunately have misuse intentions.

After the research definition is fully accepted, besides we see very positive efforts to promote it, we also can say that the path of research has not yet reached its prominence but has been marginalized for various reasons. Unfortunately, these days inadequate supervision, support, knowledge, funding, and most of all, abusive people, and etc. have led to the isolation of research in our country and even in many countries around the world. We see that there are still many professors who have not done any research activity, and on the other hand there are other professors who have excellent research backgrounds but for some reasons have been reluctant to pursue research.

In advanced countries, at the same time that we are challenged by the shortcomings, the most unlimited money is allocated for researches. There are thousands of thousands scholars who have the most inaccessible references and research in various fields, but they are still ambitiously committed to research even at the end of their academic lives.

The real nature of the Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Company (Private Joint Stock) research work is to deeply achieve its corporate goals and mission. The present company intends to make a round-the-clock endeavor to find the perfect setting for presenting itself in a very positive and dynamic environment, talents, creativity, abilities and … all the country’s scientific and research elites at different levels. We intend to take away the wrong research guides we know from our company and try as much as we can to make our entire educated spectrum positive.

If you are also one of the people who know the right definition of research, and you are concerned about transferring your knowledge in the appropriate context and macro level to other executives and practitioners and to be more useful to your world than ever, and to be part of a group of people who share your research goals and thoughts, trust us. In Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Company (Private Joint Stock), we assure you that we try our best to be much more loyal to the principles and much more disciplined that what we claim.