Tuesday , May 14 2024
About The International Campaign of Battling with Coronavirus by Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Company Photo

About The International Campaign of Battling with Coronavirus

About The International Campaign of Battling with Coronavirus

One World for One World” Campaign has been created with charitable goals in partnership with volunteers from around the world to make our world a more beautiful world.

The campaign was formed at the time of the outbreak of the Coronavirus , at the behest of Mr. Mohammad Reza Taherkhani, Honorable Managing Director of the Scientific, Cultural and Research Company of the Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers (Private Joint Stock) as its successor.

Everyone around the world with all abilities and expertise can become a member of “One World for One World” Campaign for a common human purpose and strive to make the most of their time and ability to build a more beautiful world. In general, the campaign has two specialized and support departments, each with its own details, which will be detailed in separate articles detailing the tasks of each.

However, overall the primary goals of the campaign are to prevent the spread of malicious and unscientific rumors in cyberspace, and instead to publish credible scientifically-based prevention avenues provided by technology experts and to publish these cases for use of general public worldwide in an international language. The campaign also seeks to find a cure or vaccine for the Coronavirus in its specialized department, utilizing scientific elites from around the world in the fields of genetics, virology, pharmacy, etc.

Until overcoming Coronavirus , the priority of this campaign is to prioritize the correct ways of its prevention and treatment. It is noteworthy that it is tried that the established structure will always be maintained, and all efforts of the company will be to attract as many different real and legal volunteers as with common concerns so that the growth of the campaign to address future global problems would be facilitated. While we hope we never see the global dilemmas of the Coronavirus , the campaign will always serve the world to confront scientific and principled crises and overcome any other similar crises, and we officially declare that Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Company is committed to use its resources for humanitarian affairs.

It is noteworthy that the campaign is completely independent and does not depend on any country or political group. We also expressly state that entering into world political crises is by no means the goal of this campaign, so this campaign will never interfere in political debates anywhere in the world.