Monday , May 20 2024
The International Campaign of Battling Coronavirus Poster by Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Photo

The International Campaign of Battling Coronavirus Poster

The International Campaign of Battling Coronavirus Poster

Hereby it is announced that the scientific, cultural and research company of (Negaresh Andishmandan Pishro) Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers (Private Joint Stock) has issued an international recall for coping against Coronavirus by taking advantage of all its capabilities.

We call this humanitarian and world-friendly campaign as “one world for one world”. The main goal of this campaign is to investigate the various aspects of the virus and to disseminate scientific and credible information to be used by all people around the world, as well as to research and experiment to find a way for treatment for this virus and each section has its own details.

Undoubtedly, in this global dilemma of the Coronavirus, each of us has a duty as a civilized human being, and it is good we all work together to overcome it as our great common goal. So you are officially invited to join this campaign and help us reach this worthy goal.

In order to find more about the details of the collaboration, sharing the material and intellectual rights of the collaboration, the process and how to collaborate, view upcoming campaign achievements and virus prevention tips, and more …, interested candidates are invited Visit in section of “One World for One World” or they can follow us in the company’s official Instagram page at: