Sunday , June 16 2024
Research Income from Distance in Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Photo

Research Income from Distance

Research Income from Distance in Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers (P.J.S)

Unfortunately, we see that the custodians and executors of scientific events based on fake rules which have created for themselves, not only do not pay the professors, but also take some money from the due to their cooperation. It is right that strategic and scientific partners get promoted in lights of their budget, position and payment due to cooperation with companies such as our countries and the company does not benefit, but this is not the whole story.

May some matters are logical but they are not necessarily correct. If the custodian and the executors of events consider their actions is watched by God, they do not behave short-sightedness. Everyone in each position who tries to achieve organizational goals should enjoy monetary benefits besides spiritual benefits. We believe that the value of our partners is much more than that to even allow ourselves to speak of such issues.

Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Company (Private Joint Stock) by focusing on ethic more than anything else tries to facilitates the cooperation with different scientists around the world and also tries to share whatever it gains from this cooperation with all its partners whether it would be monetary or spiritual. We consider the defined organizational macro goals as our first priority and try our best to achieve these goals and to satisfy the needs of our partners while cooperating with us.

If knowledge and research would be really developed, it can directly and indirectly have positive effect on the life of the population and society and if we can do this in our company as more as possible, then we have done our humanistic and ethical responsibility toward our society and people and this is really enough for us. We also think a scientific and academic company deserves such a belief. We consider as our honor to have a part in scientific and research promotion of our society. We believe that our partners who are mostly faculties who have spent much of their life gaining knowledge and raising many students have similar belief. Therefore, we never destroy such valuable spiritual cooperation and goal because of monetary short-sightedness.

If you want to promote your research activity as a member of an ethic-based company, if you want that your research activity would be more useful for your society more than ever, if you want to make money from research cooperation, and if you think you accept and like our thoughts, trust us. In Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Company (Private Joint Stock), we assure you that we try our best to be much more loyal to the principles and much more disciplined that what we claim.