Thursday , May 23 2024
Material and Intellectual Rights of the International Campagin of Battling with Coronavirus Photo

Material and Intellectual Rights of the International Campaign of Battling with Coronavirus

Material and Intellectual Rights of the International Campagin of Battling with Coronavirus

Trust is always the unwritten law for any kind of partnership. Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Company (Private Joint Stock) as independent scientific, cultural and research company with the utmost goodwill, always recognizing its mission as being committed to ethics and makes the maintenance of scientific and individual achievements of every human being as its priority. Undoubtedly people who engage in philanthropic campaigns have higher spiritual and human concerns than financial concerns, however transparency of material and intellectual rights will never be a bad thing. So observing legal principles can create the double trust and peace that has been emphasized in the “One World for One World” campaign, which we will deal with very clearly in the following.

One World for One World” campaign is made up of volunteers around the world who work together in distance for a humanitarian purpose. Therefore, for various reasons, such as long distances, it is not possible to cooperate in person. Therefore, before any cooperation, it is the right of individuals to be made aware of the material and intellectual rights of any activity very clearly. So some useful solutions have been devised and will be updated later.

Under global copyright law, emails will be attributable in courts, because they have the exact time and date, along with details of the text that is never editable, and even in the event of any unforeseen problems, with judicial verdicts will also be available from reputable data centers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others.

Although there are restrictions on how many emails we can send per day in all companies such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others and the number of emails we receive will be exceeded daily by the company’s official email limit, therefore, for daily correspondence use semi-formal emails, social networking, etc … All contributors will be kindly requested to provide us with daily semi-official correspondence. However, it is emphasized that the content of the final findings of your specialized committee and support should be sent to our company official emails only with official Gmail, Yahoo, etc. emails to ensure that both parties are comfortable while working.

Obviously, any information for informing about prevention of Coronavirus which are prepared by people in the specialized and support committee will be published by declaring their names (if they consent) by through Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Company.

If you find any cure, vaccine, and etc., for Coronavirus we also write your name in the text that we are legally registered in the patent agencies and also the paragraphs sent by you.

However, it is worth noting that obviously all intellectual property rights in the “One World for One World” Campaign will be equal for all partners, including the present company, and colleagues in the specialty and support Team, and they will have a share in the material rights of the potential therapeutic achievement of the Campaign In addition to the present company and the specialized committee and the support team and the details of which will be further elaborated and updated in further collaborations.