Sunday , June 16 2024
Transparent Accounting in Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Photo

Transparent Accounting

Transparent Accounting in Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers (P.J.S)

As Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Company (Private Joint Stock) has transparent goals it also wants to make all its activities transparent for its partners. Being Pioneer which means being pioneer and progressive should also be felt in practice. Every organization deserves its organizational documents not to be exposed and no real and legal partner can object this matter legally.

But we believe if all individuals who cooperate directly or indirectly with an organization be confident about gaining their material rights on time, they can perform their duties with more creativity and relaxation, and love. If all individuals would be clearly and transparently aware of their activities, debt and credit during pay off, their confidence will be doubled.

We want to have monetary and material transparency for our partners instead of a simple monetary pay off. Before starting any event, producing company product and service, we declare the accounts and payments to our real and legal partners. Also, our partners receive a ledger, financial balance sheet and etc. for every event and company’s productions they participate in. Each real and legal individual can see and receive its debt and credit balance from the company with exact date of his/her activities including day and hour.

We believe that being on-time and existence of transparent accounting in the Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Company (Private Joint Stock) can make our partners much more confident about financial matters and creates more relaxations between the organization and our partners.

If monetary transparency of a company you want to cooperate is important for you and if it is important that your legal partner would be loyal to its promises in payments, trust us. In Attitude of Pioneer Thinkers Company (Private Joint Stock), we assure you that we try our best to be much more loyal to the principles and much more disciplined that what we claim.